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The Future of 3D Building

Experience the groundbreaking technology that is transforming the construction sector. The introduction of concrete 3d printing is bringing about a whole new level of efficiency, speed and creative flexibility. Bid farewell to the constraints of conventional construction methods. Embrace a future where structures are meticulously crafted layer by layer. Prepare to be amazed by the potential of 3D building as you witness the evolution of construction.

A portfolio of innovative architectural designs made possible through concrete 3D printing technology. The designs range from complex geometric shapes to sustainable building solutions.
Intricate surfaces
Building Beyond Limits: Unleashing the Power of Concrete 3D Printing

Break free from the constraints of conventional construction methods and unlock the true potential of building with concrete 3D printing. Our cutting-edge technology enables us to go beyond traditional boundaries, allowing us to construct intricate architectural designs and complex structures with ease. Experience a new level of freedom in construction as we harness the power of concrete 3D printing to push the limits of what is possible.

A display of various materials that can be used in concrete 3D printing, including different types of cement, additives, and short fibers for enhanced strength.
Mixing the slurry
Print Your Dreams: Transforming Architecture with 3D Printing

Imagine a world where your wildest architectural dreams can be transformed into reality. With 3D concrete printing, we are transforming the landscape of architecture, enabling you to bring your visionary designs to life. From unique facades to intricate interior elements, our technology empowers you to explore new dimensions of creativity. Embrace the future of architecture and let your imagination soar as we turn your dreams into tangible structures.

A photograph of a concrete 3D printer set up at a construction site, ready to print building components directly on-site, thereby reducing transportation costs and waste.
Complex geometries
Innovative Concrete Solutions: Unleash the Potential of 3D Building

Unleash the true potential of concrete with our innovative 3D building solutions. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to mix the perfect mortar on the fly, varying the properties of the mix as needed. By incorporating short fiber additives, we enhance the strength of the printed structures, ensuring durability and reliability. Experience the versatility and adaptability of concrete 3D printing and witness the endless possibilities it brings to the world of construction.

Building Smarter, Faster, Stronger: The Evolution of Concrete Printing

Experience the evolution of concrete printing as we redefine the way buildings are constructed. Our advanced 3D printing technology enables us to build smarter, faster, and stronger. By precisely controlling the mixture ratios of water, sand, cement, and additives, we achieve superior structural integrity.


Possible Admixtures


Cost Savings

30+ MPa

Compressive Strength


Time Saving
This image showcases the layer-by-layer construction process of concrete 3D printing. A specialized nozzle extrudes a precise amount of concrete mixture, allowing for intricate designs and efficient use of materials.

From Vision to Reality

Witness your vision come to life with the power of 3D printing in construction. Our cutting-edge technology empowers architects, engineers, and builders to transform their ideas into tangible structures. With precise control over every layer, we ensure accuracy and consistency throughout the construction process. Experience the seamless transition from vision to reality as we harness the potential of 3D printing to empower the construction industry.

This image captures the automated construction process enabled by concrete 3D printing. A robotic arm is seen maneuvering the nozzle, laying down concrete layers with high precision.

Redefining Construction with Cutting-edge 3D Concrete Printing

Embrace the future of construction with our cutting-edge 3D concrete printing technology. We are redefining the way buildings are designed and constructed, offering faster project completion times, enhanced sustainability, and increased design flexibility. With our state-of-the-art equipment and expertise, we push the boundaries of what is possible, delivering innovative solutions that revolutionize the construction industry.

Unleashing Creativity in Architecture: Explore the Possibilities of 3D Building

Unleash your creative potential in architecture with the limitless possibilities of 3D building. Our innovative technology allows for intricate designs, organic shapes, and geometric complexities that were once unimaginable. Explore a world of architectural freedom as we push the boundaries of traditional construction methods. Embrace the creative revolution and embark on a journey of architectural exploration with 3D concrete printing.

A stunning visual of a fully 3D-printed house, highlighting the technology's capability to revolutionize residential construction. The structure was built using a large-scale concrete 3D printer.
An picture illustrating the cost saving and time efficiency of concrete 3D printing to traditional construction methods. The picture illustrates significant savings in both aspects.

The Art of Precision: Creating Masterpieces with Concrete 3D Printing

Experience the artistry and precision of concrete 3D printing. Our technology combines advanced engineering with meticulous craftsmanship, allowing us to create architectural masterpieces with unparalleled accuracy and detail. From intricate sculptures to stunning facades, each printed structure showcases the fusion of art and technology. Witness the beauty of precision as we redefine what is possible in the world of concrete construction.

Reasonable pricing plans

At our company we fully recognize the significance of providing competitive pricing for our customers. Our focus is on offering choices that don’t compromise on quality or innovation. By managing costs and streamlining production processes we are able to maintain affordable prices on the market. Furthermore we consistently optimize our pricing strategies to ensure that we deliver the best value to our customers. Our objective is to enable individuals and businesses to embrace the future of construction through accessible cutting edge concrete 3D printing technology at an affordable price range.



(one-time payment)


This pricing plan offers customers the opportunity to purchase detailed plans for the concrete 3D printing machine. These comprehensive plans provide all the necessary technical specifications, assembly instructions, and guidance to build the machine independently.

+ Detailed blueprints and assembly instructions

+ Access to technical support via email or online forums

+ Regular updates and improvements to the plans



(one-time payment)


Description: With this pricing plan, customers can purchase a fully assembled and calibrated concrete 3D printing machine. This option is ideal for those who prefer a ready-to-use solution without the hassle of building and assembling the machine themselves.

+ Fully assembled and tested machine

+ Calibration and quality assurance

+ Training on machine operation and maintenance

+ Technical support for the machine



(one-time payment) +
$99/month support & maintenance


Assembled Machine and Support
Description: This comprehensive pricing plan offers customers not only the assembled machine but also ongoing support and maintenance to ensure smooth operation and optimal performance.

+ Fully assembled and calibrated

+ Training on machine operation and maintenance

+ Technical support via phone or email

+ Regular maintenance and software updates

+ Replacement parts and repairs as needed

Reviews from Clients

We prioritize the needs and satisfaction of our customers above all else. We deeply value the relationships we build with each and every client, and we are committed to supporting them throughout their endeavors. From the moment you choose our products or services, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer support and guidance. Our knowledgeable and friendly team is always available to answer any questions, address concerns, and provide technical assistance. We believe in fostering long-term partnerships with our customers, and we go above and beyond to ensure their success. Whether it’s offering comprehensive training, continuous updates and improvements, or personalized consultations, we are fully invested in helping our customers achieve their goals and maximize the benefits of our concrete 3D printing solutions. Your success is our success. We support you every step of the way!

“I was blown away by the capabilities of Printable Concrete. They created a stunning architectural masterpiece for my project, pushing the boundaries of design and construction. The attention to detail and precision in their work is exceptional. The team’s expertise in mixing the perfect mortar on the fly and incorporating short fiber additives truly sets them apart. I highly recommend their services for anyone looking to revolutionize their construction projects.” –

— Giovanni M. Client
An innovative 3D printed concrete bridge spanning across a river. The bridge's design incorporates reinforced concrete elements, highlighting the integration of traditional construction practices with the advancements of 3D printing technology.

“Working with Printable Concrete was a game-changer for our architectural firm. Their innovative technology and skilled team allowed us to bring our most ambitious designs to life. The speed and efficiency of the printing process amazed us, and the strength and durability of the printed structures exceeded our expectations. Their attention to customer satisfaction and commitment to excellence make them a trusted partner in our future projects.”

— Michael P. Client

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